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Welcome to the ChiTag Young inventor Challenge!

About Our Event

The Young Inventor Challenge provides an opportunity for children ages 6 to 18 to showcase their own original toy & game inventions to toy & game industry professionals, members of media and the general public.

The judging is split into two categories, 6-11 (junior) and 12-18 (senior).

There is a $10 requested donation to help cover administrative costs when you participate in the Young Inventor Challenge. Participants and their immediate families are invited to be our guests with complimentary admission to ChiTAG for the whole weekend!

Young Inventor workshops are ideal for a classroom activity, school-wide competition, after-school program, summer challenge, scout merit badge-earning activity, even for library programming.

Use our Young Inventor Workbook as a guide to help kids imagine, design, test, and create their own toy or game inventions. Whether you hold a one-day workshop or a series of workshops, use it to engage kids in a positive and challenging endeavor.

The Young Inventor Challenge can provide a means of taking the inventions to even greater heights, with professional critiques from our industry experts and the opportunity to show their work off to the public, toy industry, and members of the press.

Deadline to enter NOVEMBER 7th!

NEW This Year!

Online and video entries! We are asking each student to submit a 2 minute video pitch with their entry, as well as giving us information about their invention through our online submission portal. This will give our judges time to review your entry before the actual competition day, as well as allowing students to compete who can’t come to Chicago in person!

At the completion of the event you will receive feedback from judges on your invention. You will find more information on the rules/requirements of the video on our webpage.

After you register please log into the student portal and enter your project information. This is also where you will share the link to your pitch video, and any other files or information you would like the judges to see.

We have an additional optional challenge/category this year! Submit a one minute commercial, and sell us your product! This is different from your video pitch, and is your opportunity to get silly and creative. It can be edited, have music, costumes, and even additional actors (could be your best friend, sibling, grandmother or dog!) This commercial is about having fun and selling your amazing game or toy to the public.

New categories! Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Most Marketable Game Concept (Sponsored by Target and Pressman Toys)
  • Most Creative Concept (Sponsored by Play Monster Toys)
  • Most Outstanding Presentation (Sponsored by Mattel)
  • Best Commercial/Video (Sponsored by Spin Master)
  • Best Educational Concept (Sponsored by Lego)
  • Best Outdoor Concept (Sponsored by Hasbro)
  • Sponsorship

    The Chicago Toy and Game Week - Young Inventor Challenge would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their tireless support.
    With their commitment, students have an opportunity to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge projects,
    and compete annually for awards and scholarships.

    If you would like to become a sponsor of the Chicago Toy and Game Week - Young Inventor Challenge
    please contact Ms. Alicia Alexander for more information.

    For technical questions and support, please contact support@pitchwizard.net